Hanna Instruments USA

Hanna Instruments offers a variety of instrumentation to growers. From pocket pH,EC, and TDS testers, to our HI 10,000 Fertigation System which has complete irrigation, fertilization and allows growers to mix their own fertilizers then precisely regulate
the concentrations and percentages of each fertilizer and monitor and control pH and EC. We also now offer a greenhouse water sanitation system that purifies greenhouse water, removes pathogens from surface water, ponds and streams and cleans up algae on walls, benches and floors.

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Company Products

This sanitation system is intended to provide constant monitoring of pH, oxidation-reduction potential and temperature levels. It is manufactured to purify recycled...
The HI 150 waterproof temperature indicator allows temperature to be easily monitored from multiple points inside nurseries and greenhouses. HI 150 is constructed with a...
This fertigation system for greenhouse, nursery and hydroponic feedwater systems, has F1 controllers that maximize overall efficiency by saving chemicals and raising crop...