HRI Announces Funds for Nine Research Projects

January 28, 2012 - 11:54

The Horticultural Research Institute (HRI) has awarded $282,500 to nine research projects and four student scholarships for 2012.

The Horticultural Research Institute (HRI) has awarded $282,500 to nine research projects and four student scholarships for 2012.

Below are the nine research projects with the principal investigator listed for each project. Many projects are collaborations between multiple research institutions and researchers.


$10,000, Ref. #421: How Green Are Trees? A Life Cycle Inventory and Analysis of Nursery Production Methods, Distribution Processes, and Tree Care Practices

J. Ryan Stewart and Andrew Koeser, University of Illinois


$16,000, Ref. #384: Production of Aromatic, Ornamental Plants for Screening of Essential Oils as Potential Biopesticides

Eugene K. Blythe-Mississippi State University, South Mississippi Branch Experiment Station


$20,000, Ref. #413: Analyzing the Environmental Impact (Carbon Footprint) and Economic Costs of Field-Grown Flowering Tree Production System Components

Dewayne Ingram, University of Kentucky, and Charles Hall, Texas A&M University


$22,000, Ref. #394: Algal Mulch and Composted Algae to Improve Water and Nutrient Holding Capacity and as a Container Nursery Substrate Component

Joseph Albano, USDA-ARS-U.S. Horticultural Research Laboratory,  and James Altland, USDA-ARS-Application Technology Research Unit


$28,000, Ref. #356: Asian Longhorned Beetle Monitoring System for Arboreta and the Green Industry

Kelli Hoover, The Pennsylvania State University


$30,000, Ref. #358:The Color of Marketing

Bridget Behe and R. Thomas Fernandez, Michigan State University, and Charles Hall and Marco Palma, Texas A&M University


$30,000, Ref. #414:Reducing the Economic Impact of Ambrosia Beetles in Nursery Production

Steven D. Frank, North Carolina State University


$35,000, Ref. #331: Carbon Sequestration and Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction in Nursery and Landscape Production Practices

Glenn Fain and Jeff Sibley, Auburn University, and Stephen Prior,  Brett Runion and Allen Torbert-USDA-ARS


$85,000, Ref. #001: Keratin Based Bioresins Continuing Work Addressing Biodegradability, Applicability, and Production of Green Industry Products

Masud Huda, Horticultural Research Institute, and Walter Schmidt, USDA-ARS

HRI also will award $7,000 in 2012 student scholarships:

$2,000 — Timothy Bigelow and Palmer W. Bigelow, Jr. Scholarship
$2,000 — Carville M. Akehurst Memorial Scholarship
$1,500 — Spring Meadow Nursery Scholarship
$1,000 — The Muggets Scholarship

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