"I Saw It in Country Living Gardener"

October 3, 2003 - 05:45

Proven Winners

spring gardeners will be saying, "I saw it in Country Living Gardener
style='font-family:"Times New Roman";color:black'>." An exciting new
program has been created by the editors of Country Living Gardener style='font-family:"Times New Roman";color:black'> called "Editor's
Choice." This program features just six plants, and all of them are Proven
Winners varieties.

select Proven Winners varieties are getting the Country Living Gardener's
style='font-family:"Times New Roman";color:black'> Editor's Choice seal of
approval. Each of these six plants will be featured in Country Living Gardener
magazine's first two spring issues.

Winners plants are tested regularly to ensure top quality," said Marshall
Dirks, Director of Marketing, Proven Winners. "With our key plants being
chosen as Editor's Choices, this will help retailers and growers determine what
to grow and sell."

and retailers should take note: consumers are going to read and hear about these
plants -- Nemesia 'Sunsatia(TM) Cranberry'; Pelargonium 'Fireworks
Collection(TM) Salmon'; Phlox 'Intensia(TM) Lilac Rose'; and Scaevola
'Whirlwind(TM) White'.

you want to bring in plants for early spring sales, look at getting 'Vanilla
Butterfly', 'Superbells(TM) Pink Kiss', 'Sunsatia(TM) Cranberry', and
'Intensia(TM) Lilac Rose.' All of these have very good cold tolerance, and
if properly hardened off, they will withstand light frost. They will also
perform quite well through the summer and into fall.

If you are looking to bring in plants for late spring or
summer sales look at 'Fireworks Collection(TM) Salmon', 'Intensia(TM)
Lilac Rose', and 'Whirlwind(TM) White'. All of these plants have a great
deal of heat tolerance and will thrive even during the dog days of summer. The
'Intensia(TM)' or 'Whirlwind(TM) White' were the best looking plants in a
number of university trials.

of the plants in the collection will fly off of your bench in the heart of the
spring season. Don't be caught short, order early and make sure you can reap
the full benefits of the name recognition that will come for these varieties.
To maximize your sales also be sure to order the other colors of the series' in
this collection: 'Sunsatia(TM)' (six colors), 'Intensia(TM)' (three
colors), 'Superbells(TM)' (nine colors), and the 'Fireworks
Collection(TM)' (five colors). Consumers are likely to be enticed by other
products similar to a chosen variety.

Living Gardener
, published by Hearst Magazines, is a unit of The Hearst
Corporation (www.hearst.com). Hearst Magazines is one of the largest publishers
of monthly magazines, with a total of 17 U.S. titles and 115 international
editions. Hearst's magazines are also read by more U.S. adult women than any
other monthly magazine publisher.

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