GPN Exclusive: Producing Poinsettias Cold

October 14, 2005 - 08:55

The Ecke Ranch and GPN have teamed up to bring growers information about how to mitigate the risk of producing poinsettias at lower than normal temperatures.

We are all faced with a difficult year ahead due to current energy costs and availability. Growers are looking at opportunities to turn down the thermostat, save money and conserve their oil supply; however, doing so at this stage of a poinsettia crop carries risks that should be explored before taking such actions. “Producing Poinsettias Cold” discusses some factors to consider regarding the impact of using less-than-optimum temperature regimes on poinsettia crops from mid-October through finish.

Written by Rebecca Siemonsma , Ecke’s technical support manager, the article touches on poinsettia variety considerations, root zone management and plant development management. To read the article in its entirety go to and visit the Poinsettia Zone. When in the zone see the archived articles and look for “Producing Poinsettias Cold.”

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