GPN/OFA Survey Evaluates Marketing Initiative

August 18, 2006 - 06:54

Earlier this year, GPN and OFA — An Association of Floriculture Professionals teamed up to produce the 2006 GPN/OFA State of the Industry Survey. Nearly 550 GPN subscribers and OFA members completed an Internet survey on such things as grower demographics, revenue, purchasing intent, industry issues and other market-related topics.

One of the questions asked was whether or not growers would be willing to financially contribute to an industry-wide marketing initiative. Approximately one-third of the respondents said they would participate in such a program. However, 69 percent of those who responded positively said they would only be willing to contribute 1 percent or less of their annual sales to this type of initiative.

The survey results show that a grower’s willingness to contribute to this kind of a program did increase along with gross sales. Twenty-two percent of the respondents with sales of less than $50,000 responded positively to the question, while 42 percent of the growers with gross sales of $5 million or more said they would be willing to participate.

The findings of the study were presented as part of a GPN-moderated panel discussion at the 2006 OFA Short Course in Columbus, Ohio, in July. The full results of the study can be purchased for $125 by contacting Judy Paul at

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