April 14, 2009 - 23:00

Ideal for pack production, ‘Sweetie Soft Pink’ and ‘Sweetie White’ are bred to stay compact while still offering a floriferous habit that fills the pack or pot. The Sweetie series is uniform and early flowering across the color range; other available colors include Lavender, Melon, Orange, Red, Rose and Violet. Sweetie varieties provide fast crop times and uniform finished material. Reaching 8-10 inches, they are suited for hanging baskets and landscape plantings.
Stage 1 starts with the radicle breaking through the testa. The roots touch the medium, and cotyledons become fully developed. Stage 2 starts from fully developed cotyledons and ends with the fully developed true leaf or true leaf pair. During Stage 3, 80 percent of the young plants become marketable. At Stage 4, all young plants are ready for sale and in the process of being hardened off. This stage last about seven days.
Keep temperatures below 77° F for best germination. Soil pH needs to be above 6.0 to avoid micronutrient toxicity. Control growth with DIF, high light, low moisture and nitrate fertilizer.

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