Industry Companies Earn VeriFlora Recognition

November 2, 2009 - 07:54

Two industry firms recently gained certification from VeriFlora: Papers used by Ellepot-USA are now listed as approved input materials, and F&B Farms and Nursery has been certified in VeriFlora's Sustainably Grown program.


Plastic pots used in the garden industry often end up in landfills. Two types of papers used by Ellepot-USA in its cutting and seed propagation system are now listed as VeriFlora-Approved Input Materials. This propagation system offers an alternative by utilizing the special EP or VP paper with reusable trays, rather than planting directly into disposable plastic pots. The Ellepot is suitable for flowers, plants, vegetables and other nursery products such as starts.

The VeriFlora Approved Input program addresses the needs of growers and retailers concerned about sustainability and looking for independent guidance to decide which input materials, such as plant pots and containers, support their sustainability objectives.

“In business, sustainability means ensuring that the work we do today makes our business stronger for tomorrow,” said Lars Peter Jensen, national sales manager for Ellepot-USA.

To learn more about Ellepot-USA, go to or call (321) 960-7416.

F&B Farms and Nursery

F&B Farms and Nursery is another business that is putting people and care for the environment on the front burner. Efforts to create a sustainable business has earned them VeriFlora’s Sustainably Grown Certification.

“Today's consumer is looking for that extra value. They want to know that their purchases are not having a negative impact on the environment,” said Leigh Geschwill, wholesale manager. “VeriFlora provides an independent, third-party certification that consumers can believe in.”

The VeriFlora label requires its growers, including F&B Farms and Nursery, to meet stringent guidelines regarding chemical use at their facilities. The certification process also evaluates the environmental impact of the entire operation, including resource conservation, energy efficiency, ecosystem protection and integrated waste management. Head Grower Jon Venzke has improved F&B’s integrated pest management program, which reduces chemical use with beneficial insects and natural biological controls. The goal is to maintain a high-quality product for the consumer, while reducing chemical use in the greenhouse.

Consumers can find F&B products at local independent garden centers throughout the Northwest. They grow a wide selection of bedding plants, vegetables, perennials and hanging baskets.

For more information, visit SCS Certified's website or VeriFlora's website.

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