Lacebark Inc.

Lacebark, Inc. is a private horticultural research company near Stillwater, OK which was founded by Dr. Carl E. Whitcomb in 1986. His research has led to such developments as Micromax micronutrient fertilizer, patented container designs (RootMaker, RootBuilder, fabric in-ground container, etc.), and the patented plants Dynamite Crapemyrtle, Pink Velour Crapemyrtle,and Cranberry Punch Hardy Hibiscus, to name a few. Dr. Whitcomb also has written four books (Know It and Grow It, Plant Production in Containers, Production of Landscape Plants, Establishment and Maintenance of Landscape Plants) and does consulting and speaking as time allows.

2104 N. Cottonwood Rd.
Stillwater OK 74075