January 19, 2009 - 00:00

‘Bandana Red ’09’ and ‘Bandana Pink ’09’ are two new introductions to this lantana series bred by Goldsmith. Hardy to Zones 10 and 11, Bandana varieties exhibit an easy-to-grow mounding habit and exceptionally large flower size.
Select a porous, well-drained media. A preplant charge of micro- and macronutrients is recommended. Thoroughly water rooted cuttings until media is saturated. Transplant rooted lantana plants directly into finish containers. Plant one cutting per 4-inch pot, two cuttings per 6-inch pot and three to five cuttings per 10-inch pot or basket.
Apply a constant liquid feed of 100- to 200-ppm complete fertilizer, and leach pot every fourth watering. Maintain temperature at 70-80° F days and 65-70° F nights. For lighting, use no less than 5,000 foot-candles.
For growth regulation, apply a tank mix of 1,000-ppm Cycocel (chlormequat chloride) and 2,500-ppm B-Nine (daminozide) after 15 days of transplant, and a second same tank-mix application can be applied 10 days after the first application if necessary.

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