July 30, 2014 - 08:11

Landscape Bandana is a new series of lantana with the same great attributes as the Bandana series. Its spreading habit makes it ideal for the landscape and large mixed containers because of its robust growth and size. 

Lantanas should be stuck immediately. They are slow rooters and need warm temperatures of about 74° F. The rooting time is about five weeks in 105-size flats. Pinch around three weeks after sticking and after cuttings are well rooted, leaving two or more sets of nodes.

Recommended container size is 12-inch or larger basket or patio pot with four to five plants per pot. Production time is 10 to 11 weeks. Landscape Bandana should get a second pinch around five weeks before sale when grown in baskets and larger containers.

Lantanas grow best at warm temperatures throughout production. Temperatures of 70 to 80° F day and 65 to 70° night are ideal. Avoid cold and overly wet growing conditions, especially during dark and cloudy weather, which can cause root rot, slow growth and small flowers.

Lantanas are sensitive to fungal root rot, especially under cold and wet conditions. Avoid overwatering, especially at low temperatures. 

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