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March 4, 2005 - 12:49

McGregor Plant Sales is celebrating its 20th Anniversary with rewards to thank its long-term customers and to welcome new ones. McGregor is offering a variety of 20th Anniversary Celebration Rewards.

One example of innovation is the recently announced Four Seasons Un-Rooted Cuttings Program that helps professional growers save time and money and improve reliability. The Four Seasons URC Program offers both high-quality varieties and service, like its Pre-Advisory Shipment and Web site ordering with real time 40-week availability to allow for plenty of advanced planning.

Customers setting up a Premier Anniversary Contract for their new/exclusive varieties from FlorExpo will receive a bonus of 20,000 free URCs. The bonus URCs are in addition to the many times-saving, cost-saving benefits of Four Seasons URC Program, such as proprietary and open varieties, and volume discounts.

Growers able to travel to Costa Rica are cordially invited to join McGregor for a free-guided tour of FlorExpo farms and much more. Growers can learn first hand how to reduce risk, increase ROI and bring the latest, best-selling varieties to their customers. On McGregor’s Customer Appreciation Day at the FlorExpo farm, the company is hosting breakfast, lunch and dinner for this event Sept. 14, 2005.

McGregor is also offering a Free Growers’ Guide called The McGregor’s 20 Frequently Asked Questions Guide on URCs and FlorExpo that is filled with insider industry tips on improving ROI with the URC Program.

Finally, growers can find out how to reward themselves with a $20 credit in their next invoice. All they have to do is refer a new customer to their McGregor sales rep.

To learn more about McGregor’s anniversary rewards visit

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