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January 28, 2005 - 12:31

New Name For Integrated Greenhouse Companies

A new West Coast-based amalgamation, comprised of a management team and companies in the floriculture market, has been formed to assure the North American horticultural market access to the latest energy-related technologies and services. The Total Energy Group, owned by Bert Neeft and Peter Stuyt and managed by Dennis van Alphen, offers innovative, proven materials and systems relating to heating, cooling, venting and shading that combine to help growers achieve a high level of greenhouse integration and efficiency.

The current Total Energy Group lineup of products includes a HotConnect Heating package, which is a smaller packaged hot water heating system that comes ready to be installed by the end user on site; Direct fired unit heaters, which offer an efficiency level of 99 percent; and Gatemaster and Speedroller automated greenhouse doors.

Based in Summerland, Calif., Total Energy Group also serves as the umbrella company for products such as Priva Controls, Holland Heater and Horticultural Labor Service, Inc.

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