LumiGrow, Inc.

LumiGrow manufacturers energy-efficient LED grow light solutions for greenhouses, hydroponics and research applications. LumiGrow's smart horticultural lighting improves plant growth, saves electricity and reduces carbon emissions.

33 Commercial Blvd. Ste. A
Novato CA
United States

Company Products

Unlike any other fixture, each LumiGro Pro LED light emits a PAR spectrum that can be customized by crop and dialed up and down in intensity using knobs on the fixture or the...
Ideal for seed and seedling production, LumiGrow LumiBar LED shelf lights provide more red and blue PAR with greater energy efficiency than fluorescent, incandescent and HID...
The LumiGrow Pro series has launched with the Pro 325 and Pro 650, both of which are compatible with LumiGrow SmartPAR, the company’s new greenhouse light management software...