MagniMoist - A Think Mint Brand

MagniMoist is a revolutionary soil hydrating fiber used to grow vibrant, colorful hanging baskets.

Here are just a few of the benefits:
• Magnifies the water-holding capacity of potting soil
• Proven to dramatically improve the look and health of plants
• Decreases irrigation
• Easy to cut and shape

MagniMoist doesn’t let water escape from your basket until your plant is completely hydrated. When you water, MagniMoist’s smart fiber deflects water back into the dry soil above it. Then when the soil is fully saturated, the fiber becomes porous and releases only the excess water. You’ll also save more fertilizer because MagniMoist reduces runoff and enhances plant uptake.

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Company Products

MagniMoist germination pads and container and bed liners are made from 100 percent natural plant fiber and an FDA-approved binder. The fiber is easy to cut and shape to fit...