Making Choices

July 9, 2014 - 12:40

When it comes to making landscape purchasing choices this year, consumers are basing their decisions on two major areas — enhancing their outdoor living areas and the environment.

Earlier this year, surveyed more than 4,500 individuals who were in the midst of, or planning, a landscape update to find out more about their decision-making process and what their plans were for this year. is a website that provides consumers and building professionals with information and trends on home remodeling and design.

The number one motivation (56 percent) for making landscape decisions this year is “to make my yard more friendly for entertaining.” Forty-one percent said their 2014 landscaping decisions were made to help “make my yard more functional” or solve a problem in their yard. Increasing their home value was the third highest motivator for landscape choices.

Edibles Keep Growing

The survey also shows that trend for growing edibles shows no signs of slowing down. It continues to gain momentum with 70 percent of respondents growing edibles for the first time. Herbs are the most popular (73 percent) product to grow, then vegetables (70 percent) and finally fruit trees (51 percent).

Sixty-one percent said they would be growing their edibles in the ground in 2014, 51 percent are growing their veggies and herbs in raised beds while containers are being used by 46 percent of the respondents.

They also are making more eco-friendly selections when buying their plants. Overwhelmingly, homeowners are choosing varieties native to their region (92 percent).  Nearly 70 percent say their landscaping picks are made to help reduce maintenance and 49 percent said their selections are motivated by the environment (i.e., low water use plants).

Finally, homeowners are turning their backyards into entertaining spaces (83 percent), outdoor eating spaces (73 percent) and outdoor living rooms (53 percent). They are enhancing their outdoor living spaces and improving their lifestyles with plants, barbecues, fire pits, sound systems and outdoor kitchens. 

You can read’s Spring Houzz Landscaping Trends Study at:  

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