December 20, 2010 - 00:00

Mecardonia is a native wildflower in the Southern United States. The genus is heat loving, drought tolerant once established and flowers spring through fall.

‘GoldDust’ is a hybrid of our native species with an infusion of South American genetics resulting in a vigorous new hybrid that loves the heat but still flowers early even under cool greenhouse conditions. This variety flowers as early as week 3 in the Southwest and week 6 or 7 in the North.
‘GoldDust’ is easy to produce and crop time drops dramatically as you move into spring. A balanced bedding plant fertility program is all it takes — no special requirements, but give the crop bright light.

This variety is best in 4- to 6-inch containers and monoculture baskets. In mixtures, it should be paired with mid-vigor companions. ‘GoldDust’ really shines in small pots and at retail make sure to keep the plant in the sun so the small, bright-yellow flowers can catch the consumer’s eye.

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