Medallion Changes Label for Geraniums

February 6, 2004 - 11:06

In a recent revision, Syngenta Professional Products has reworded the label
for Medallion Fungicide for use on geraniums.

The previous label held that Medallion was tested and found to be safe for
geraniums. According to Syngenta, internal data continues to support the safety

Medallion on this crop, but some growers have voiced some concerns regarding
its use and safety on geraniums. Claims included stunting on some varieties
grown under certain conditions while using the fungicide.

According to Chuck Buffington, lawn and ornamental marketing manager for
Syngenta, the label has only been altered so that geraniums are no longer a
recommended crop. Meaning it is not illegal to use the product on geraniums,
just cautioned. Essentially, Syngenta likes to have a certain margin of error
built into each product so that if someone over applies, no phyto occurs.
Syngenta feels most comfortable with 4x the label rate as its buffer. Testing
found that with geraniums and New Guineas, it only has 2x, and doesn't think
this is enough buffer to recommend usage.

Further investigation also discovered that growers who had a problem with
Medallion on geraniums were using a heavy foliar application method instead of
the recommended drench. Syngenta found indications that geraniums exhibit a
lower tolerance to misapplication and higher use rates than other ornamental

Syngenta feels that, based on this lower safety factor with geraniums, it is
in growers best interests to understand these issues and utilize other
effective compounds for its geranium disease control programs in the future.
This will eliminate any potential for growers to experience crop stunting due
to over application or poor spraying techniques.

The label has been modified to say, "Foliar or drench applications to
some Geranium varieties may cause stunting or chlorosis at higher rates.
Responses may vary depending on environmental conditions. Medallion should be
tested on a limited area to evaluate for any possible damage before proceeding
with treatment of the entire crop."

For more information or questions regarding the new label contact the
Syngenta Customer Resource Center at (866) 796-4368.

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