Monrovia Launches Mobile Website

November 11, 2011 - 11:55

Monrovia has launched a new website that is compatible with iPhones, BlackBerry and Android technology.

“With the growing number of customers accessing our site with mobile devices, it makes sense to create a mobile-friendly website,” explained Pam Wasson, Monrovia’s vice president of marketing. “We looked at the most popular features on our site, like our plant catalog, find a garden center and design inspiration, and started with those.”

The mobile site has a similar look and feel to Monrovia’s full site, but is designed for easy navigation with a handheld device. Users can look up plants in the 2,500+ database.

Phase II will follow with additional features, such as the ability to log in and access individual plant “Wish Lists” and subscribe to the company’s e-newsletter, plant savvy.

To learn more about the mobile website, visit

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