Multi-Liners for 2013

October 24, 2012 - 10:45

Pleasant View Multi-Liners — the liner solution for your 6.5-inch, hanging basket and patio pot color production.

Twenty-two colorful combinations for 2013, each containing three Proven Winners varieties, include Velvet Skies — the 2013 Proven Winners National Combo, supported by Proven Winners marketing.

Multiple varieties in single cells make planting uniform and easy. Reduce shipping costs with fewer liner trays required for desired combos. Tried and true color fusions ensure success for grower, retailer and gardener.

Complete combo information displayed on single stake or hang tag, saves cost of extra tags and inventory.

Offered in 50s liner size, weeks 4 to 34. Crop times vary from six to 10 weeks.

Click here to see Pleasant View Multi-Liners for 2013.

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