NAHSA Announces New Partnership with Southeast Greenhouse Conference

July 16, 2004 - 11:22

The North American Horticultural Supply Association (NAHSA) announced its dates and location for 2005’s Annual Meeting as well as a new partnership with the Southeast Greenhouse Conference during its recent Annual Meeting in Cancun, Mexico. In 2005, NAHSA will offer the first co-joined NAHSA 18th Annual Meeting and 2005 Southeast Greenhouse Conference in Greenville, S.C., during the week of June 19-25. Held within one or two weeks of one another for years, the Southeast Greenhouse Conference and NAHSA decided to adjoin the two events to help bring distributors and manufacturers of horticultural products and the growers and nurseries even closer together while also offering a significant opportunity for participants in both events to save on travel expenses. NAHSA’s 18th Annual Meeting will be held June 19-22 then lead into the Southeast Greenhouse Conference June 22-25.

Specifics of the partnership have not yet been determined; both organization have a number of benefits they can offer the industry. “The possibilities are limitless to the benefits that can come from this partnership. Besides the obvious cost-saving benefit to our members who participate in both events, this relationship will also help to bring the suppliers of horticultural products closer to their customers where they can learn from one another. That kind of cross-education is priceless and is the key to the shared success of all those in the industry” said NAHSA executive director Talbot Gee.

Charles Hall, executive director of the Southeast Greenhouse Conference agreed, “We are excited to be developing this cooperative relationship with NAHSA. Establishing strategic partnerships with customers is a key to our attendee’s success in their greenhouse operations. Our Board of Directors feels this is a tremendous opportunity for the two organizations to forge a similar strategic partnership developing successful educational sessions and innovative programming.” The two organizations will be working together throughout the summer to develop next year’s programs.

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