National Garden Bureau Adds Downloadable 'Year of the' Brochures

March 18, 2011 - 07:05

National Garden Bureau has a new feature on the NGB website for use by garden centers, extension agents, master gardeners, garden writers, growers, public gardens and anyone else interested in free brochures and signage.

National Garden Bureau, the non-profit organization promoting gardening on behalf of the horticulture industry, has a new feature on the <a href=",%20for%20use%20by%20garden%20centers,%20extension%20agents,%20master%20gardeners,%20garden%20writers,%20growers,%20public%20gardens%20and%20anyone%20else%20interested%20in%20free%20brochures%20and%20signage.%3C/p%3E%20%0A%0A%3Cp%3EAs%20announced%20late%20last%20year,%20National%20Garden%20Bureau%20has%20proclaimed%202011%20as%20the%20" year="" of="" the="" tomato"="" and="" "year="" zinnia."="" to="" enable="" educators="" everywhere,="" ngb="" has="" created="" an="" informational="" brochure="" signage="" for="" each="" crop.="" these="" useful="" tools="" are="" available="" download="" print="" at="" no="" charge="" from="" website,="""" simply="" click="" on="" tab="" labeled="" "downloads."

For each "Year of the" crop there is a multi-page brochure full of beautiful photography and useful growing information, as well as a history and description of that flower or edible. There is a downloadable PDF for both an 8x10-inch sign and a 5x7-inch sign/bench card. In addition, the two NGB "Year of the" logos are available for downloading for use when promoting these two "Year of the" crops.

This is a completely new service offered by National Garden Bureau so any input on how these offerings can be improved is welcome. Please e-mail NGB at

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