August 25, 2008 - 23:00

Serengeti is an interspecific nemesia series featuring medium to high vigor and an early flowering time. These varieties are ideal for mixing in baskets or as single plants. Choose between two growth habits: semi-mounding and upright. ‘Serengeti Upright Purple’ and ‘Serengeti Upright Violet + White’ are two new additions to the upright family. Other available colors in the series include Upright Violet, Upright White, Sunset evol., Apricot Pink, Red and Sunny Red.

Use one plant for 4- to 5-inch pots and five plants for 12-inch baskets. Do not transplant the liner too deep (plant level with the new substrate or slightly above), as crown rot may occur. Crop time for a rooted cutting is six to eight weeks. If the liner is not pinched, pinch during transplanting or right after.

Use a well-drained, peat moss–based substrate with low salt levels and a pH around 5.8-6.2. Start with a constant feeding program after roots have developed. Use 150- to 200-ppm nitrogen and a well-balanced fertilizer.

Cool temperatures encourage branching, compact growth and flowering. After roots have developed, optimum temperature ranges are 64-72° F days and 54-56° F nights. Use cool morning treatments for better habit and earlier flowering. Start after side shoots have developed.

Grow on the dry side; avoid wet feet, stagnant water and overhead watering. Water in the morning so plants are dry during the night. If necessary, spray with 2,000-ppm B-Nine (daminozide) or 20-ppm Sumagic (uniconazole) for growth regulation.

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