New Royalty and License Administration Player

January 13, 2006 - 10:47

The Canadian Ornamental Plant Foundation (COPF), an effective plant management program running for the past 41 years in Canada, has incorporated a nonprofit organization in the United States called Plant Watch. Plant Watch will build on COPF’s history of facilitating relationships between growers and breeders from Europe, Asia and North America.

Plant Watch serves the needs of both growers and breeders regarding royalties and patents. The breeders involved are developers of flowers, perennials and woody plants. As a non-profit agency, independent of any particular breeder, the organization advises growers about which plants can and cannot be propagated legally, explains patent rights and responsibilities, and enforces a level playing field to protect royalty-paying producers’ markets. Plant Watch also gives growers a voice in the grower/breeder relationship. Like COPF, the mandate of Plant Watch can provide effective solutions in the management of propagation rights to growers and breeders for the benefit of the horticulture industry.

The Board of Directors of Plant Watch includes Ron Cramer, Sakata Seed America; Eric Voogt, Westcan Greenhouses; Laurie Scullin, The New Product Group; Todd Baker, Baker’s Nursery; Tom Intven, Canadale Nurseries; and the Managing Director is Peggy Walsh Craig.

Breeders and producers interested in finding out more about Plant Watch can contact Peggy by phone at (866) 414-1141, E-mail at or visit

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