North Coast Hydroponics

North coast hydroponics offers Hydroponic & Aeroponic Grow systems, General Hydroponics Aeroflo2 series, Botanicare, Organic nutrients, supplements, Humboldt Nutrients, Fox Farm, Earthjuice & Technaflora. For growing Media we recommend Sure to Grow or Grodan rockwool, Pest Control we offer Live Beneficial insects, 2 day ship. Odor control; ONA products are excellent neutralizing Grow Room Odors & Big Blue Ozonators, Air Lazer have heard good things about. Latest Light product; Liquid Light by Dutchmaster, Foliar spray which improves plants photosynthesis..Warranties by Green Air Products, Cap, Little Giant, Hydrofarm, Control Wizard, Hanna, Canfan, Activeair

P.O. Box 1352
Guerneville CA 95446