OFA Short Course 2003

July 3, 2003 - 08:47

Exhibitor Profiles

It's summer, and that means trade show season. Over the next
few months, there will be trade shows in every region of the country, and they
will all be full of the latest and greatest products for our industry. As we do
every year, GPN has put together a sampling of the products you will see at
many of these shows, focusing on this month's OFA Short Course. Products are
alphabetized by the company bringing them to market, and booth numbers for
Short Course have been included in case you want a personal demonstration. If
you're not attending the Short Course, many of these companies will be
exhibiting at/attending other shows such as the Southeast Greenhouse
Conference, ANLA Conference and the FarWest. Company contact information has
been provided to facilitate a meeting at one of these other shows.

Automated Equipment

Bouldin & Lawson LLC 80

Chris Industries Corp. 82

Golden Pines Gardens Inc. 86

Growing Systems Inc. 86


JC Browning 88

Paul Boers 91

Val Environmental 93

& Greenhouse Systems


Cannon Equipment Southeast 82

Trocobel USA LLC 93

Wesley Pack Mule 93


Becker Underwood 80

Biobest Biological Systems 80

BioSafe Systems 80

Cleary Chemical 82

Growth Products Ltd. 88

Maril Products Inc 90

Source Tech Bio Inc. 92

Syngenta Professional Products 93


A-ROO Company 78

Beaver Plastics 80

Blackmore Company Inc. 80

Braun Horticulture Inc. 80

Poppelmann Plastics USA 91

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Cooling/Heating Systems

American Coolair 78

Bartlett Instrument Co. 80

Delta T Sales 84

The Holland Heater USA 88

Quietaire Cooling Inc. 91

Rollseal/Hired-Hand Green 92

Trueleaf 93

Environmental Controls

Argus Control Systems Ltd. 78

Dramm Corporation 84

Hanna Instruments USA 88

Milwaukee Instruments Inc. 90

Priva Computers Inc. 91

Equipment, Production

Hydrofarm Greenhouse Lighting 88

Katolight Corporation 88

MicroAnalytics ? 90

style='font-size:12.0pt'>Logistics Software

P.L. Light Systems Canada Inc. 91

Pro-Grow Supply Corp. 91

Siebring Manufacturing 92

Greenhouses & Components

Advancing Alternatives Inc. 78

AGA Chemicals Inc. 78

Attko Greenhouse Inc. 78

CO-EX Corporation 82

Conley's MFG. & Sales 82

Crider Americas 82

DeCloet Greenhouse Manufacturing Ltd. 82

Demkas Inc. 84

Flex-O-Glass Greenhouse By Warp Bros. 86

Frank Jonkman & Sons 86

Harnois Industries 88

Ludvig Svensson 90

Nexus Greenhouse Systems 90

Poly-Tex Inc. 91

Ridder USA 92

Schaefer Ventilation Equipment 92

Stuppy Greenhouse Manufacturing 92

United Greenhouse Systems Inc. 93

Wadsworth 93

X.S. Smith 108

Irrigation Equipment

Aqua Ion Plus + Technologies 78

Automatic Filter Inc. 78

Dosmatic U.S.A. Inc. 84

McConkey Co. 90


Berger Horticultural Products 80

Michigan Peat 90

Plant Material

American Takii Inc. 78

Bodger 80

D├Žnfeldt 82

Danziger 82

De Vroomen Holland Garden Products 84

Donahues ClematicsSpecialists 84

Dummen USA 84

Fides North America 84

First Step Greenhouse 84

Fischer USA 86

Flower Fields style="mso-spacerun: yes"> 86

Geo Seed 86

Goldsmith Plants 86

Goldsmith Seeds 86

Harris Seeds 88

Pacific Plug & Liner 91

Proven Winners 91

Selecta First Class Inc. 92

Speedling 92

Westcan Greenhouses Ltd. 93

Yoder Brothers Inc. 93

POP/POP Equipment

Hummert 88

MasterTag 90

Retail Products

Bartlett Bench 78

Keeler-Glasgow Co., Inc. 90

SPS International 92

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