Oregon Implements New Pesticide-Reporting System

August 26, 2005 - 10:08

After years of working out all of the kinks, Oregon has decided to implement a new pesticide-reporting system that will start January 2006. According to the Associated Press (AP) this new system has been stalled for years due to opposition from agriculture and pesticide-industry interests.

“State agriculture officials recently sent letters to farmers, government agencies and commercial pesticide users alerting them that they will need to keep records on the chemicals they use to control weeds, insects and other organisms,” said the AP .

Also according to the AP , the new system will be given $1.9 million to be put into effect.

“The pesticide industry and Republican lawmakers had argued that large, less-specific reporting areas were necessary to protect farmers and ranchers who use pesticides from being targeted for sabotage by radical environmentalists, stated the AP .

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