Organic-Gro & Lowe’s Announce Exclusivity Agreement

February 4, 2005 - 11:20

Regenerated Resources LLC, makers of Organic-Gro all-natural fertilizers, has announced that it has agreed to make Lowe’s home improvement stores its exclusive nationwide home improvement center distributor.

Organic-Gro fertilizer products are harmless and pleasant-smelling and pose no threat to children and pets or water resources, according to the manufacturer. Made from poultry litter through advanced patented technology that cleans, sterilizes and reorganizes the litter on a molecular level, Organic-Gro is safe enough to handle with bare hands and can be applied while children and/or pets play in the area. It’s well suited for use right up to the water’s edge without fear of runoff into streams and waterways.

When applied Organic-Gro bonds with the soil to feed and strengthen plants gradually over time as nature intended — from the roots up — in concert with the activity of beneficial microbes and earthworms. Meanwhile, Organic-Gro is also insoluble and non-leaching. It stays where it’s applied and keeps working for longer periods of time — reducing and simplifying applications each year.

Lowe’s will offer Organic-Gro’s uniquely non-polluting time-release plant-, root- and soil-building products in a variety of formulas and packages including: 40 lb. Lawn and Turf Fertilizer, 6 lb. Flowers and Vegetables, 1.5 lb. Indoor and Container Plants. For more information call (866) 815-4839 or visit 

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