June 22, 2008 - 23:00

‘Side Show Copper Yellow’ and ‘Side Show Golden Yellow’ are compact plants that may be easily produced with little or no PGRs. They also work well as season extenders for spring because their tolerance for cold allows them to be one of the first crops out of the greenhouse for early season sales. These varieties are well suited for 4- to 6-inch pots and 1-gallon containers.
Choose a well-drained, aerated propagation media. Avoid media containing peat moss, which will hold too much water. Maintain bottom heat at 70-75° F. Osteospermum will benefit from the use of rooting hormone. Either liquid or powder formulations work equally well. Choose a product with up to 3,000-ppm IBA or 500-ppm NAA.
Avoid excess irrigation and fertilization while plants are establishing, which can lead to slow root development. Begin fertilizing two weeks after transplant using a complete balanced fertilizer. Maintain pH at 6.0-6.5 and EC at 2.0-2.5. Provide periodic clear water application if excess salts accumulate.
Osteospermum prefer bright light. For best results, grow in a greenhouse with retractable roofs or in a field production setting. Provide 5,000-6,000 foot-candles. In low-light regions, Side Show varieties bloom earlier than other cultivars.

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