May 26, 2008 - 23:00

‘Nature Carmine Shades with Blotch’ and ‘Nature Pink Antique’ are two new introductions to the F1 Nature series, bringing the series to a total of 19 standard and unique colors. Other colors include Antique Shades, Beacon, Frosty Rose, Plum Purple, Rose Pink, White and Yellow.

Varieties in this series feature 1½-inch flowers that completely cover the plants. Nature pansies are very early and compact and may be used in pots, packs, garden borders and mixed containers. They also are strong landscape performers. Nature pansies are bred to rebound fast from freezes and have outstanding winter survivability.

During germination, emergence should occur within three to seven days. Maintain temperatures at 68-73° F, and cover seeds. Keep moist for uniform emergence. After seedling establishment, allow media to cycle through wet/dry periods. Avoid prolonged saturation.

Growing on, maintain day temperature at 68° F and 50-60° F at night. Fertilize with 100- to 150-ppm nitrogen. Fertilizers formulated for pansies or calcium-based fertilizers are preferred. Optimum EC level is 1.0-2.25. Keep pH level at 5.5-5.8. Monitor pH carefully; high pH will lead to nutrient deficiency, and pansies become more susceptible to Thielaviopsis.

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