November 12, 2015
Dosatron International, Inc. has launched a new version of its website at The relaunch has added new features and is now compatible with handheld devices... more
November 09, 2015
McHutchison Horticultural Distributors has hired Jessica Feuerbach as a new Midwestern sales representative.  Feuerbach grew up in the nursery industry in her... more
November 05, 2015
The University of Florida Poinsettia Field Trial Day is expanding this year. Now attendees will have the opportunity to not only see how the latest poinsettia varieties... more
November 03, 2015
AmericanHort has hired Jill Calabro, Ph.D., as research and science programs director. Calabro will bring strategic direction and oversight to research funding by the... more
January 13, 2016
For those who are unfamiliar with my work, I am the nursery and floriculture advisor for San Diego and Riverside counties in southern California. My duties include... more
January 13, 2016
Welcome to Crossroads. We understand that you must wear many different hats in today’s greenhouse production, and we want to help you decide what needs your attention and... more
November 14, 2015
Does it seem like every time you turn around, you are hearing about a new disease, insect or weed? The better our diagnostics are, the more things we find. It is also common... more
November 14, 2015
Question: What is the difference between azadirachtin and neem? Answer: Neem is not a single substance but is a general term for both azadirachtin and neem oil, which are... more
October 23, 2015
The majority of the greenhouse vegetables we grow for the end user are produced from seed. Some of us start with plugs from a propagator, but they too must start from seeds.... more

Prestop biofungicide is now commercially available in the U.S. for control and suppression of diseases on a multitude of crops. University tests have shown it superior to other biofungicides and often equal to chemical fungicides for control of certain diseases, especially Botrytis gray mold and... more

  • Prestop biofungicide is now commercially available in the U.S. for control and suppression of diseases on a multitude of crops. University tests have shown it superior to other biofungicides and...
  • Marengo, a liquid pre-emergent herbicide, is now available in a convenient 18 fl.oz. container to accommodate users of all sizes. Launched in 2013, Marengo has become widely used due to its long-term...
  • Triathlon BA, the next-generation preventive biofungicide, is labeled for both organic and non-organic production. With the active ingredient Bacillus amyloliquefaciens, Triathlon BA provides control...
  • Fame fungicides, a family of FRAC 11 group (Strobilurin) products, deliver fast-acting fluoxastrobin protection against major soil and foliar diseases. They can be used on most greenhouse and nursery...
  • AzaSol is a water-soluble powdered, 6 percent azadirachtin product developed for superior biologically based insect control. It controls and repels a broad spectrum of insects by inhibiting growth,...
  • Actinovate SP
    Actinovate SP protects against common foliar and soil-borne diseases in greenhouses, nurseries and turf. The water-soluble biological is used in drench, chemigation or foliar applications, and is...
    Actinovate SP
  • ‘Laser Snowridge Purple’ & ‘Laser Snowridge Wine’ Cyclamen
    Laser Snowridge cyclamen boast thick petals with a distinct white edge. They hold up well to Botrytis and heat stress in pots or when planted in garden beds. Plants are ready for transplant 10 to 12...
    ‘Laser Snowridge Purple’ & ‘Laser Snowridge Wine’ Cyclamen
  • Enstar AQ is a broad-spectrum insect growth regulator (IGR) that offers long residual control of major greenhouse insects. Its superior water-based formula delivers results while being gentle on...
  • ZeroTol 2.0 is a broad spectrum bactericide/fungicide that can be used to clean NFT and bato bucket hydroponic systems that grow algae and harbor disease pathogens. It keeps systems free of algae and...
  • GreenCleanPRO is a broad-spectrum granular algaecide/bactericide. It is fast acting and destroys algae build up on hard surfaces. It quickly biodegrades making GreenCleanPRO safe to use during...

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