July 25, 2012 - 12:40

Fortunia petunias are very floriferous and fast to flower. These petunias exhibit striking colors and a compact mounding habit. They are tolerant to extreme weather conditions and have a long flowering period.

Maintain growing mix pH at 5.4 to 5.8 to avoid iron deficiency. Allow growing mix to dry slightly between watering. Younger plants are especially sensitive to over watering. Good crop growth is obtained with 200- to 300-ppm nitrogen fertilization from a complete N-P-K water-soluble fertilizer. Use peat-lite types, which have elevated micronutrient content. Keep growing mix EC at 2.0 to 3.0.

Flowering occurs only with long days (greater than 13-hour photoperiod). Ideal day temperature is 65 to 70° F, and ideal night temperature is 60 to 65° F. Higher temperatures promote excessive growth/stretch. Lower temperatures (50 to 55° F) will promote more compact growth. Crops can be moved to low heat structures (40 to 50° F) for holding.

Fortunia petunias are naturally compact so little pinching is necessary. In 6-inch and larger containers, pinch plants for extra fullness if desired.

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