April 14, 2009 - 23:00

Lobster and Dark Red are two new additions to the Potunia series. They hold a full canopy of flowers and remain mounding at the consumer level. These day-length neutral plants are ideal for high-density pot and basket production.
Use a rooting medium with a well-aerated soil structure. After sticking, water the cuttings uniformly for a good soil-to-stem connection. Keep temperatures around 60-65° F day and night. To enhance and promote uniform root development, apply bottom heat at 70-74° F. Feed cuttings as soon as they start to root with 100-ppm nitrogen, and increase to 150-200 ppm as they develop.
Before transplanting, water rooted cuttings well and moisten finish container root medium. Gradually increase liquid feed to 250- to 350-ppm nitrogen with a balanced fertilizer containing good minor element levels. Provide extra iron applications if needed to maintain green leaf color. Leach regularly to maintain an EC of 1.5-2.8.

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