Philips Lighting Joins Floriculture Research Alliance

March 11, 2011 - 08:12

Philips Lighting announced that it recently joined the Floriculture Research Alliance to help "find the best relevant recipes for the American greenhouse growers and researchers.”


Philips Lighting supplies both HID and LED lighting technology products for growers to develop “light recipes.” Using these light recipes at every stage of a crop’s growth combined with effective heat management and energy efficiency reportedly can increase yields, enable earlier flowering, and speed up (root) growth.

The Floriculture Research Alliance focuses on research, which covers a wide range of areas in the floriculture industry. Research is developed by: Michigan State University (Dr. Erik Runkle and Dr. Ryan Warner), University of Minnesota (Dr. John Erwin), Clemson University (Dr. Jim Faust), North Carolina State University (Dr. John Dole and Dr. Brian Whipker) and University of Florida (Dr. Paul Fisher) in collaboration with USDA-ARS (Dr. Jonathan Frantz) and leading horticulture companies.

More information about the Floriculture Research Alliance can be found at

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