Pot Dahlia Series in the Spotlight

August 29, 2008 - 11:56

Fides is launching a promotional campaign in North America to solidify its exciting new Dahlinova series as a brand name.

Fides, a breeding and propagation company of flowering pot plants and cut chrysanthemums, is organizing a campaign in September for its North American customers and brokers to promote the colorful pot Dahlia series, Dahlinova and Dahlinova Hypnotica.

Brokers and customers will receive a promotional kit with a colorful Dahlinova T-shirt, informative flyers and culture tips about each series. The intention behind this campaign is to “solidify Dahlinova as a brand name.”

Characteristics of the Dahlinova series are the great branching, long flowering period and deep color range.

The exciting new Dahlinova Hypnotica series, characterized by radiant colors, large flowers and vigorous growt h, has garnered buzz at recent trials and tradeshows.

For more information, visit www.dahlinova.com.

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