May 10, 2009 - 23:00

The perennial cinquefoils, sometimes called Barren Strawberries, have very attractive flowering features and growth habits suitable for rock gardens, front of the border or mixed containers.
These new potentillas, ‘Golden Starlit’ and ‘Scarlet Starlit’, boast gray-green foliage and saucer-shaped blooms in respective colors of bright gold and deep scarlet, from June through August. Their origins were cool, sub-alpine meadows from Afghanistan to southwestern China, where they could be found growing with primulas and ligularias.
Starlit varieties look beautiful planted together with alchemilla ‘Gold Strike’, aruncus ‘Whirlwind’ and ligularia ‘Midnight Lady’. Hardy to Zones 5 through 8, they prefer full sun or partial shade.
Two seeds per cell can be sown anytime into 128- or 288-plug trays and should germinate easily in two to three weeks. One plug per 31/2-inch container can be potted up four to six weeks later. A single pinching at transplant will keep plants compact. Starlits will be saleable six to eight weeks later.

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