March 12, 2008 - 23:00

The primula Mega series is a mid- to early-flowering series available in 21 colors including Blue, Cream, Golden Yellow, Hot Cherry, Rose Picotee, Scarlet, Violet, White with Green Eye, Appleblossom, Lime and Blue Shades.

Use a lightly fertilized peat-based medium. Maintain pH level at 5.5 and EC at 1.2. When sowing, it is not necessary to cover the seeds, but to obtain optimum humidity, it is recommended to cover the trays with a thin layer of vermiculite. Cover the trays with plastic and place them in darkness in a growing chamber.

Germination should occur within 10 to 12 days. Keep temperature at 64° F. Temperature above 68° F may reduce the germination rate. Five to six weeks from sowing, the young plants will be ready to be potted. Use a 4- to 41/2-inch pot. Potting medium should be lightly fertilized peat with a good structure.

Keep temperature at 53-59° F until roots have developed. After that stage, lower the temperature to 46-50° F. When flower buds start to open, increase the temperature to 50-54° F to avoid flowers being infected with Botrytis. Good air circulation and low humidity is recommended. The plants must be well fertilized during production.

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