Product Spotlight, January 2001

January 30, 2001 - 00:00


Cooling pads

style='font-family:Arial'>Cooling pads

style='font-family:Arial'>Küül pads for evaporative cooling have been developed
by General Shelters using a specialized manufacturing procedure. The ThruCure
production method is used exclusively by General Shelters to achieve a complete
resin cure in each sheet of premium grade, virgin Kraft paper. The 24 inch-wide
evaporative pads are available in thickness of 2 inches, 4 inches or 6 inches.
Küül pads also feature less handling, fewer seams and superior rigidity.
General Shelters, Center, Texas.


style='font-family:Arial'>Wand seeder

style='font-family:Arial'>Gro Mor Inc. is now supplying “high tech needles” for
use with all models of the Gro Mor Wand Seeder. There are 90 needles in all, 18
in five sizes, to cover most seed sizes. Included with the needles is an
operational guide suggesting which needle to use with a particular seed.
Additionally, a high tech needle upgrade kit for previous owners of the Wand
Seeder is available. The Wand Seeder will seed raw petunia. Gro Mor, Adams,


style='font-family:Arial'>Pot dispensing unit

style='font-family:Arial'>The fully automatic Visser MHD Pot Dispensing Unit
from Nexus Corporation dispenses individual pots into carrying trays of any
configuration. The Pot Dispensing Unit is complete with tray positioners and
lifting cylinders. The unit will accommodate both round and square pots of all
sizes, will handle high capacity applications, and is adjustable for various
tray configurations. Nexus Corporation, Northglenn, Colo.



style='font-family:Arial'>Akari Miticidie/Insecticide, from SePro Corporation,
is now available to greenhouse growers for use on floral and foliage crops,
indoor ornamental plants and plantscapes. 
Akari is effective against the larvae, nymph and adult stages of two
spotted spider mites, providing 21-28 days of residual control. style="mso-spacerun: yes">  Akari is safe on plants and gentle to
beneficial insects.  After application,
Akari causes mites to stop feeding and laying eggs while they die over a four
to seven day period.  Akari has a
favorable environmental profile, with a 12-hour REI period. style="mso-spacerun: yes">  SePRO Corporation, Carmel, Indiana


style='font-family:Arial'>Acrylic sheet

style='font-family:Arial'>Cyro announces the addition of an 8 mm Acrylite SDP
modified double-skinned acrylic sheet to their product line. The 8 mm impact
modified Acrylite provides acrylic benefits like high light transmission and
weatherability while offering flexibility. It has ten times the impact strength
of acrylic; it does not yellow; and it provides stable growing conditions due
to its consistent 85 percent light transmission. It comes with a 10-year
limited warranty and is available in 16 mm. Cyro Canada Inc., Mississauga,
Ontario, Canada.


style='font-family:Arial'>Citronella plant plugs

style='font-family:Arial'>Citronella plant plugs from tissue culture come with
profuse concentric shoots breaking from a single center. Each plug produces a
pleasantly aromatic pot of any size with no hormones or pinching. The plugs are
also accompanied by an interest-generating, full-color tag. Florida Plant
Culture Inc., Mount Dora, Fla.


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