August 27, 2015
Dow AgroSciences has announced the promotion of three employees. Chris Moyer was named marketing communications manager supporting both the T&O and Pest Management... more
August 27, 2015
Poly-Tex Inc. and WaterPulse Inc. signed an agreement that authorizes Poly-Text to distribute WaterPulse retail mats and its display systems in the United States and Canada... more
August 27, 2015
The Fred C. Gloeckner Foundation Inc. elected a new president, vice president and board member at its annual board meeting in May; the foundation also recently awarded 15... more
August 27, 2015
Aquatrols announced a distribution partnership with Bayer Environmental Science that will expand the company’s presence in Australia. “As our science and product range has... more
August 05, 2015
 In recent years, breeders have been working diligently to improve the attributes of bee balm. The monarda Balmy series is a great example of these efforts. The Balmy... more
July 09, 2015
Many large-scale commercial growers utilize automated booms to deliver water, nutrient solutions, pesticides and/or plant growth regulators to crops. Some growers have also... more
July 09, 2015
With its aromatic herbal attributes and landscape presence, the demand for lavender continues to increase.  English lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is the most... more
July 09, 2015
Pinpoint accurate forecasting helps Bela Flor Nurseries meet demand without spoilage or delays. When it comes to customer satisfaction, few criteria rank as high as receiving... more
July 09, 2015
Today, fresh water supplies for agriculture/horticulture are a serious matter. For some, future supplies are questionable. Many growers are faced with water use restrictions... more

This portable EMD reader is an effective tool for growers of greenhouse edibles to maintain accurate amounts of chemicals on and around produce. The reader and its upgraded three ranges of peroxyacetic acid test strips meet the needs of all food safety programs.

  • This portable EMD reader is an effective tool for growers of greenhouse edibles to maintain accurate amounts of chemicals on and around produce. The reader and its upgraded three ranges of...
  • Standard 84s from Pleasant View Gardens set the standard for all-purpose liners that work equally well in small or large containers. They offer the widest selection of Proven Winners and Proven...
  • Turbo Shift is a multi-function, dual variable flow hose-end nozzle. Dual variable flow delivers light fog and low volume jet stream patterns before shifting to high-gear, high-volume outputs. It is...
  • Nature’s Source Plant Probiotic is a unique complex of beneficial microorganisms that promote the establishment and enhance the growth of greenhouse and nursery crops, landscape plants and...
  • The new Ultra Lean Dilution System for fertilizer and chemical injectors is an inexpensive way to pre-dilute acid and other corrosive chemicals. The system features multiple configurations to choose...
  • The corrosion-proof head creates a precise and gentle water pattern that won’t harm delicate plants and seedlings. The new nozzle is made from high-impact plastic, easily attaches to hose and hose...
  • Five new liner kits take the guesswork out of ordering for buyers and finishing for growers. Go & Grow Kits streamline orders with variety and quantity, packaged into a single item. Smart...
  • Broad-spectrum induction grow lamps deliver the light necessary for high-quality, high-yield and repeatable crop production. Lamps are designed to take plants from vegetative through final flowering...
  • SUPERthrive, a highly concentrated vitamin solution, improves growth in all plant and tree applications. This product remains unique internationally against tree loss and stressed plants. It is ideal...
  • Daystar AC utilizes the same patented double-wall design and reflective materials as the GLX unit. The two 6-inch built-on flanges allow for passive cooling. Reflector designs are initiated by grower...

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