Sakata Announces Divestments

July 24, 2009 - 09:38

Sakata recently announced two divestments of two of its young plant production companies. The first: Frisa Planter A/S, an ornamental young plant production company, based in Auning, Denmark, owned by Sakata Ornamentals A/S, based in Odense, Denmark.

Under the terms of this deal, Sakata will divest the activity of Frisa Planter by
August 1, 2009, and a new young plant production company will be formed under the ownership of John Nielsen, general manager of Frisa Planter A/S. Production operations will be transferred to a modern production facility in Brabrand. The new Frisa production company, which will be named Nordic Ornamentals ApS, will continue to supply high-quality young plants to the Scandinavian market and beyond.

The current distribution agreement between Frisa and Gasa Young Plants A/S will be transferred to Nordic Ornamentals ApS, and Gasa Young Plants will continue to manage sales and logistics, according to an agreement announced in September 2008. Sakata genetics will continue to be a significant element of the young plant assortment for Nordic Ornamentals.

UK Ornamentals Divestment

Sakata also announced the divestment of young plant production activity at Sakata Ornamentals UK Ltd. based in Thirsk, United Kingdom, owned by European Sakata Holding SAS, based in Montpellier, France.

Sakata will divest the Sakata Ornamentals UK's activity by Aug. 1, and a new young plant production company, Earley Ornamentals Ltd., will be formed under the ownership of Simon Earley, currently managing director of Sakata Ornamentals UK. Earley Ornamentals Ltd. will continue production operations in the Thirsk facilities in order to supply high-quality young plants to the UK market. The UK seed distribution of Sakata genetics will continue through Earley Ornamentals and the known direct supply of their European logistic center in Denmark.

For more information, visit Sakata's website.

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