Sakata Announces Open Distribution for SunPatiens

October 23, 2009 - 11:44

Sakata recently announced the open distribution of its full-sun, heat-tolerant SunPatiens line. All growers and retailers now have open access to this new class of impatiens hybrids, which were previously available exclusively through The Home Depot.

SunPatiens were bred in response to production and performance challenges commonly found with seed and New Guinea impatiens; their innovative breeding addresses these problems with stronger root development, faster finish times and greater vigor in the garden for the consumer — even in the hottest climates. SunPatiens debuted at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival.

For growers, SunPatiens are an obvious choice for cost-efficient production. Strong root development means easy, fast establishment and fast growing, allowing for direct stick into final containers and saving labor and propagation materials. They can also be grown significantly cooler than New Guinea impatiens in the same greenhouse as petunias and geraniums.

The first Impatiens to tolerate full sun and perform well in shade, SunPatiens are available in 15 varieties and three series: Compact, Spreading and Vigorous. All series work well in the landscape while the Compact series is rapidly becoming a substitute for New Guinea Impatiens. The Spreading series works especially well for hanging baskets. SunPatiens can be seen in landscapes the world over, from the streets of Pozuelo in Spain to the Yamaguchi Flower Park in Japan.

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