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Salvia Fizz is a new early-flowering, genetically dwarf series. They are bred to maintain their shape in packs, pots, combination planters and mass plantings. Fizz varieties like the heat and humidity and thrive in hot climates. The dense placement of flowers on each spike gives an attractive mass of color with lasting ability. Plants will reach a garden height of about 12-14 inches. Five colors are available: Cream, Grape, Peach, Raspberry and Strawberry.
During germination, maintain temperature at 75-78° F. Lightly cover seed with coarse vermiculite. Soil must be evenly moist for good germination. Plug finish time is four to six weeks in a 288-cell tray.
Transplant 25 to 35 days after sowing. When finishing, lower temperature to 65-75° F days and 55-60° F nights. The pH and EC levels should be monitored for this crop: Maintain pH at 5.4-5.8 and EC at 1.0-2.25. Salvia is very sensitive to high salts; pH should not exceed 6.2.
Watch for Alternaria leaf spot. Common pests include aphids, spider mites and thrips.

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