Shinoda Foundation Looks for Former Recipients

November 9, 2007 - 09:27

The Joseph Shinoda Memorial Scholarship Foundation, which encourages educational opportunities for young people interested in entering the floriculture industry, is asking scholarship recipients to let them know where they are in their career today and how the scholarship contributed to their professional achievements.

Since 1965, Joseph Shinoda Memorial Scholarship Foundation has awarded scholarships—valued at more than $682,000—to 593 undergraduate floriculture students. Many of those students have gone on to positions in floriculture companies, their own floriculture businesses or leadership in the academic community.

“The Shinoda Foundation is proud of the number of students we’ve been able to assist since 1965,” says Paul Ecke III, president of the foundation. “Former recipients have literally spread across the globe. Our goal in requesting updates from our former winners is to get an idea of how wide-reaching the Shinoda Scholarship has become, and the effects it’s had on the floriculture industry.”

Want to share your story? Contact the foundation with updates on when and where you received your scholarship, how it affected your floriculture education and where you are in your career today. Updates can be sent via e-mail to or mail to Joseph Shinoda Memorial Scholarship Foundation Inc., 234 Via La Paz, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401.

Information about applications for Shinoda Foundation’s scholarships is sent each January to horticulture and floriculture departments at universities across the nation. Applications are available at, and accepted from January until March 30 each year.

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