Speedling Expands on New Aspects

August 6, 2004 - 11:08

Earlier this year Speedling, Incorporated made a decision to begin its five-year modernization plan, as announced by Mike Samilian, Speedling vice president. This summer, the initial phase of a greenhouse renovation project at its Sun City, Fla., headquarters got underway.

The Sun City operation produces both vegetable transplants and ornamental plugs, and the renovation is being done largely in recognition of the fact that ornamental transplants are the fastest growing of the Speedling business segments. The product line consists primarily of bedding plant plugs (60 percent) and specialty products such as geraniums (20 percent) and pansies (20 percent).

While Speedling has been quite successful at the Florida location, the ornamental program has not been well served by the outdated facilities, since nearly half the production in the Sun City nursery relied on 36-year-old wooden greenhouses. Therefore, this summer brought about the demolition of most of those wooden greenhouses, thus beginning the renovation process. According to Samilian, the renovation process will take about 5-7 years to complete. and Speedling will not be adding space, just replacing what it already uses.

Speedling will be conducting Pack Trials at their San Juan Bautista, Calif., nursery in early April 2005, making it the only trialing location for Pack Trials in Northern California. Mindy Legler, national ornamental marketing and sales manager, will be spearheading that activity with the intention of gaining industry awareness that Speedling will be available on the West Coast providing the quality and expertise that is Speedling. There will be 4-5 new breeders introduced at that event.

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