Spring Collection -- 2004 Introductions

June 12, 2003 - 10:12

Proven Winners

'Babylon® Deep Pink' has been added to the great lineup
of Babylon varieties. This dark pink variety expands the color range while
matching the habit of the current varieties. This early-flowering Verbena
series is a favorite in hanging baskets, pots and combinations of all kinds. In
addition to the new color, we have improved the original 'Babylon® Neon
Rose'. The improved variety has the same great color but better mildew
tolerance and habit. There are now nine great colors available:
'Babylon® Blue',
'Babylon® Carpet Blue',
Babylon® Deep Pink',
'Babylon® Light Blue',
'Babylon® Neon Rose',
'Babylon® Pink', 'Babylon® style="mso-spacerun: yes"> Purple', 'Babylon® Red' and
'Babylon® White'.

'Festival Star'


Gypsophila is a new genus for the Proven Winners line, and
'Festival Star' is a great addition to our line of plants. It is hardy to -10
and will be perennial for much of the country, although it will flower the
first year and makes an outstanding annual. It is good as a cut or dried flower
and has excellent pot or landscape performance. 'Festival Star' is very free
flowering with good heat tolerance, making it a winner in gardens countrywide.


Pelargonium zonale style='font-size:10.0pt'>

Fireworks(TM) was introduced last year with four vibrant
colors, and this year we are adding a distinct new color: 'Fireworks(TM)
Salmon'. The unique flower form, decorative leaf form and compact, upright habit
made it an instant hit with gardeners. Bred in Germany, it will flower freely
all summer long. A FloraSelect award winner in Europe, these geraniums are
different from anything else in your garden. Fireworks(TM) are produced just
like other geraniums. Now available in five colors: 'Fireworks(TM) Cherry
Bicolor', 'Fireworks(TM) Pink Bicolor', 'Fireworks(TM) Red-White Bicolor',
'Fireworks(TM) Salmon' and 'Fireworks(TM) Scarlet'.

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