Spring Collection -- 2004 Introductions

August 22, 2003 - 10:50

Supertunia®, Intensia(TM) and Whirlwind(TM) White


Petunia hybrida

is a long time favorite of growers and gardeners. They're virtually
maintenance free and bloom continuously throughout the season. They have large
blossoms that attract butterflies and hummingbirds. This year Proven Winners is
introducing one great new variety: 'Supertunia®  Lemon Plume'. The soft yellow color is new to the
Supertunia®  line. It will look
best in landscapes or combination planters because its habit is slightly more
upright than the other Supertunias®. Production will be similar to the rest
of the line. Now available in 10 great colors:  'Supertunia® 
Blushing Princess', 'Supertunia®  Giant Pink', 'Supertunia®  Lavender Morn', 'Supertunia®  Lavender Pink', 'Supertunia®  Lemon Plume', 'Supertunia®  Mystic Pink', 'Supertunia®  Red', 'Supertunia® 
Royal Magenta', 'Supertunia® 
Royal Velvet', and 'Supertunia®  White'.


Phlox hybrid

Intensia(TM) Phlox was bred in Japan and has unique, new
genetics. These vigorous, spreading plants are great in hanging baskets, pots,
larger combination containers, and the landscape. The 1" flowers completely
cover the plants. This is another new Genus for the Proven Winners line and we
are sure that gardeners will love these plants. They are cold tolerant and will
be perennial in the south. For producers it will be easiest to grow these
varieties in 5" pots or larger. Intensia comes in 3 great colors:
'Intensia(TM) Lavender Glow', 'Intensia(TM) Lilac Rose', and 'Intensia(TM) Neon

Whirlwind(TM) White

Scaevola hybrid

Gardeners love the unique fan shaped flowers and garden
performance of Scaevola. These heat and drought tolerant plants have great
summer performance despite the high temperatures experienced during the summer
in much of the country. Many gardeners already grow the original favorite blue
variety 'New Wonder' and now there is a great new white variety to try too.
'Whirlwind(TM) White' is free flowering and vigorous with medium sized white
blooms and is best in combination planters and landscapes although mono-crop
baskets are also a good bet.

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