Study Claims Guest Worker Programs Reduce Illegal Immigration

December 5, 2003 - 08:41

A study conducted by the National Foundation for American Policy (NFAP) shows that a functional agricultural guest worker program that enjoys wide use among employers benefits the entire nation through a significant reduction in illegal immigration. Examining records from an immigration program that allowed Mexican workers to enter the United States to work in agriculture from 1942-1964, the study clearly refutes immigration opponent claims that guest worker programs promote illegal immigration.

The study reports the information by identifying a 95-percent drop in illegal immigrant apprehensions after the program became widely used. An even more shocking fact was shown that apprehensions of illegal immigrant workers rose 1,000 percent in the years following the end of the program.

Agricultural Coalition for Immigration Reform (ACIR) supports pending legislation known as the “AGJobs Bill” (S. 1645 and H.R. 3142). This bill is an agreement among worker advocates, agricultural employers and labor unions concerned about immigration reform. It streamlines labor acquisition processing, bases wages on market conditions and grants legal protections to ensure workers are not exploited. AGJobs also includes a path for illegal workers to come out of the shadows and earn permanent legal status through future work and lawful behavior. For more information, go to

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