Summit Plastic Company

At Summit Plastic, we take our mission seriously, both in the opportunity to serve our customers and in the products offered.

We are driven by our purpose: To enhance and improve the growing and sales possibilities available to our customers by providing products which bring added value to our customers, our customers' customers and the home gardening and landscaping public. And, by providing our customers with real marketing opportunities and support for their increasd visibility and profitability.

Choices. Solutions.

A complete line of thermoformed containers - for growing plants and profits.

P.O. Box 117
Tallmadge OH 44278

Company Products

3D systems
3D Systems helps growers and retailers improve productivity, save space and reduce costs. Pots are uniquely shaped (they are not round or square) and have a flat display...
A new line of prebranded, generic pots is now available, printed in full photographic color. “My Basket of...” features pint, quart and gallon pots: pints of parsley, thyme,...