Super Series Mini Cyclamen Wins Gold Star

January 28, 2005 - 12:31

FloraStar has awarded the compact cyclamen ‘Super Series Wine Red’ F1 by Schoneveld Twello b.v. of The Netherlands a Gold Star.
The Super Series is well known for its specific qualities, according to FloraStar. This series offers more than 15 different colors on variegated foliage. It flowers profusely over a long period of time, adding to its shelf life. The flowers stay pure and do not fade. This cyclamen stays compact even under hot conditions, lending it to many uses both indoors and outdoors. The FloraStar Judges report “lots more blooms,” making this cyclamen significantly improved for the North American market.

FloraStar is the first program of its kind to recognize and promote outstanding new varieties of seed and vegetatively produced plants. For additional information about entering new varieties in the FloraStar Gold Star Trial, please contact FloraStar Executive Director, Mike Novovesky at (970) 674-3233. For more information on how to grow ‘Super Series Compact Wine Red F1’ cyclamen visit for all of the technical information.

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