Taishan Marigold Earns Gold Medal in Beijing

November 14, 2008 - 09:59

After seven years of planning, Taishan marigolds — dwarf African marigolds bred by PanAmerican Seed — earned a gold medal during the Beijing 2008 Olympics. Taishan Marigold stood out among the more than 200 million plants used in landscape beds throughout Beijing, and continually thrived in the high humidity and extraordinary heat of the summer months.

China Commercial Director for PanAmerican Seed Dr. Shi-Ying Wang has been working closely on the Beijing Environment Project since 2001. Dr. Wang helped train local growers and landscapers, as well as provided technical support throughout the project. Field trials took place in the summer of 2007 to observe plant performance under extreme weather conditions.

Taishan was a prominent performer in the landscape at the Beijing National Stadium, also known as the “Bird’s Nest.” The plant was named after the Taishan Mountains, regarded as pre-eminent among China’s five sacred mountains. The Taishan Mountains were elected to the “World Heritage List” in 1987 and are recognized as a symbol of power in the Chinese culture.

Taishan marigold is a new introduction that will be available in 2010 to the trade. In Chinese, Taishan means stability, which seems fitting as Taishan marigolds consistently withstand damage from shipping better than competing African marigolds. In addition, Taishan offers stronger branching for improved landscape performance and delivers excellent, high-impact color. They are available in three colors: Gold, Yellow and Orange as well as a mixture.

For more information about PanAmerican Seed products, visit www.panamseed.com or call (800) 231-4868.

To view the slideshow of Taishan and other products in Beijing, visit www.panamseed.com or www.ballhort.com.

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