Tasty Journalism Ahead for the Boston Globe?

February 19, 2012 - 12:52

You’ve probably heard of “yellow journalism,” -- newspaper writing and reporting that is designed to inflame or incite readers with incendiary jargon, screaming headlines and gratuitous photos.

Well at the Boston Globe, if one company has its way, the newspaper may very soon be practicing green journalism.

Earlier this month, LightEffect Farms, a sustainable urban agriculture business dedicated to growing healthy and tasty greens, proposed the idea of building a greenhouse on the newspaper’s roof in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston.

The 4,200-square foot greenhouse reportedly would produce 954 pounds of vegetables to Globe employees, local retailers and restaurants. A LightEffect Farms representative estimated the greenhouse could provide 545 4-oz. salads a day.

LightEffect Farms would operate and maintain the greenhouse with two or three full-time employees.
The project is currently in the proposal stages and, depending on city permits, the greenhouse could be up and growing in less than six months.

What’s the climate like in your area for a project like this? Would any local businesses be willing to serve up some space for greenhouse herbs, veggies and other edibles?

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